Bentley Jones Confirmed For Summer of Sonic 2009

Sunday, July 26th, 2009, 10:01 pm

lbWe can now reveal that Lee Brotherton, also known as dance artist Bentley Jones, will be attending the Summer of Sonic convention for a second time to meet fans of his work. What’s more, he’ll be giving a special performance on stage! Those who missed his singing last year will be excited to get another chance to meet the man behind fan favourite theme, ‘Dreams of an Absolution’.

A Sonic fan even before he hit the spotlight, Bentley Jones was well known in online community circles as popular OverClocked Remixer ‘LeeBro’. After a string of dance remix hits via his Remix Factory label, he was offered to work on the soundtrack to Shadow the Hedgehog, and his feet hasn’t touched the ground since. Now a solo artist, he has released his first album to the Japanese market consisting of J-Pop covers, called TRANS//LATION. On top of remix work and continuing efforts in the Sonic franchise, Bentley is working on his second album whilst planning an assault on the UK music charts.

The artist will be more than happy to mingle with the crowd, as he has done at last year’s convention – and was rather surprised at the number of fans he truly has in the Sonic community. Be sure to give him a warm greeting if you bump into him.

  1. Daisoku/Chelsea Says:



    Yes, BJ is coming! Ahhh, I sent an email to my mum explaining everything I knew about SOS and asked her if I could go, and she said ‘Maybe’.
    Meaning not a no, but not a yes, either.
    She has no problem with me going, but how to get there is a dillemma. I’ve been meaning to figure out how much it’d be if we took the car…


    So, does anyone know how much parking is in that pay and display car park next to the Boiler House is? And is there any area for parking that’s free around that area?
    My sister wants to come to SOS too….And she’s 8! I guess it makes sense, as she’s a fellow Sonic fan, and if just me and mum went, as dad has work, she’d be home alone. So I guess either we leave her with my mum’s mate and take the train, or we take her and take the car. Help me out here please?

  2. Codi Says:

    Since I wont be able to make it, will there be a livestream show via SoS website like last year?

  3. Sonic Yoda Says:

    More awesome, moooooore!!

    I hope he’ll sign my copy of TRANS//LATION ;)

    To Daisoku/Chelsea, you should check out T-Bird’s guide to the area a few posts below. It’s very helpful.

  4. Ally Says:

    You’ll need him to wear a name tag so my friend will be able to identify him, then squeeze him to death yelling: “I LOVE DREAMS OF AN ABSOLUTION!!!!”.

    Roll on August :D

  5. Shayna Says:

    YAY! Lee’s gonna be there!
    So happy!
    I’ma do my best to get there. How? I’m working on it XD
    I’m looking foward to hear him preform!

  6. Shayna Says:

    Ha ha! Ally, I already plan on doing that myself! XD

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