I’m There!

Want to come to the Summer of Sonic 2009 convention? Great news! Make sure you plan your trip in advance (you can check the location of the venue on this page) so you do not get lost at all, and allow for plenty of time when you leave for trains or other transport back home.

There are two methods of entering the Summer of Sonic 2009 convention – both methods are free of charge.

Advance Registration:

This option is no longer available due to the immense popularity of this year’s event. If you have already received your Advance Registration ticket or registered before 17th August 2009 your application is safe. We cannot guarantee immediate entry for all attendees, depending on the number of registrated visitors that decide to stay the whole day. We’re sorry for any inconvenience this may cause.

Arrive on the day:

If you arrive to the Summer of Sonic 2009 convention without registering in advance, understand that we unfortunately cannot guarantee immediate entry as priority will go to those that signed their interest. We can only allow non-registered visitors to enter if there is more than sufficient space that does not conflict with the venue’s safety regulations – you may have to wait until a suitable number of people leave before you will be allowed entry. Your entry may be subject to certain restrictions that will be explained to you by SoS door staff. If your entry is imminent you will be issued a small form which must be filled in to provide some information (Name, Contact Details, Address, etc). You won’t get a ticket and you won’t be guaranteed certain freebies (which may be limited in number).

More Information:

Once you clear the entry point, your hand will be stamped. This will give you clearance to bypass the entry point if you decide to leave for a while and come back. Please let the volunteer staff at the door know whether you intend to return later or if you are leaving the convention – we reserve the right to allow entry to those queuing at the door if we have reason to believe you are not coming back.

Bear in mind that Advance Registration is only available while guaranteed places last – if unprecedented interest occurs in the Summer of Sonic 2009 convention, we may have to cease providing that method of entry. The hall’s big, but it does have a limit!

We have answered some frequently asked questions on this page. Also take note of the Terms and Conditions of Entry – it gives a detailed account of what you can and can’t do or bring into the hall with you.

As there will be limited refreshments inside the venue, we ask you to bring your own snacks and drink or visit one of the nearby convenience stores down Brick Lane so you don’t starve. It’s a good idea to bring plenty of water into the venue, in case the temperature gets too high during the day.

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