Watch Live

If you can’t make it to the Summer of Sonic 2009 convention, then we have a live feed video here for you to watch the day’s events. We have a video team that will capture the atmosphere of the convention, both from our crow’s nest from high above and from the convention floor itself. Disco Ponies from The Sonic Show and Roareye Black from Sonic Showcase Network will be your cameraman and floor show host respectively.

You can watch the feed in peace on this page, or you can head to our uStream page and chat online with others who are doing the same.

We’ve also got SEGASonic Radio following the event, with a live SoS show all through the day. Listen to it here, or through your usual SSR app. If you’re using another program, make sure you’re listening to the MP3 stream, and not Ogg, as only MP3 will have our SoS broadcast.

Minicaster Radio Playhead

To listen you must install Flash Player. Visit Draftlight Networks for more info.

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