Advance Registration Is Now Closed!

Tuesday, August 18th, 2009, 12:00 am

Well, all I have to say is many, many thanks for your interest in the Summer of Sonic convention. This event, run by the fans for the fans, has certainly ballooned since its introduction in 2008! We have had a record number of advance registrants thus far, but now is the time where we regretfully announce that we will cease supply of registration tickets. We are now FULLY BOOKED so if you would like to turn up on the day without a ticket printed off, we cannot guarantee immediate entry to the convention venue.

We do apologise for this, but if we didn’t we’d have loads of people wanting to get in and the party could very well spill out onto the Brick Lane street. While we don’t mind waiting visitors having their own unofficial Sonic party outside, we certainly don’t condone it! So our priority is ensuring everyone who has asked to come can actually attend.

There are a few loose ends to tie up as we near the final week and a half until the big day, and we will be updating you here on the latest – prizes, stage schedules, performances, live feeds for non-attending fans, that sort of thing. So stay tuned!

  1. Elson 'Darkspeeds' Wong Says:

    Thanks for the heads up SOS09 Team.

    I sure am ready for the massive crowds of SOS this year. It’s going to be a blast.

    Also I’m going to make sure that I win that Art Contest. If I could win either of the Sonic Archie Collections (ones I haven’t in my current archive of Sonic Archie Comics) on the day I would be one of the happiest Sonic fans alive.

    There will be strong competition but I won’t let those prizes go without a good fight!

  2. Covskin Says:

    Haha, just my luck, I was going to register today :p. Guess I’ll just have to get there early then :D

  3. sidra nadeem Says:

    aww that not fair on me meap.. it made me upset so much and cry too but first..are they allowed people who have no ticket? i hate my life..

  4. Wengle Says:

    Grrr. I just got back from holiday and finally found some mates interested and available (my friend whom I attended with last year is away. :(. He’s the guy who was Tails and I was Knuckles ?).
    Could we still come? I mostly wanna go for any Bentley Jones performances. XD. Should we just show up later on when there may be less queues ?

  5. hedgetigress85 Says:

    Thank goodness i registered in advance =D

    I’m soooooo excited about next saturday.

  6. bmn Says:

    @sidra nadeem, Wengle: To be fair, we gave everyone something in the region of 40 days to register. As it was, the demand was even higher than we expected and it wasn’t actually our intention to close it so abruptly, but them’s the breaks.

    Entry is open to non-ticket-holders, but you should bear in mind that we have a lot of registrations (almost enough to fill the venue were they all in at the same time), and they’re the only people we can guarantee entry to. We have a limit to how many people we can fit, and if we go over that then we’re breaking the law, simple as, so we’re not doing it. There’s a small possibility that if you come along later you won’t get in, so we recommend coming in fairly early if you do.

    When doors open, ticket holders will have priority – we won’t be registering non-holders until that line is empty. That means if you arrive at 10 without a ticket, you will be waiting a while.

  7. Wengle Says:

    I get what your saying. Do you think it will be worth trying to come in? Me and a friend might come up anyway and try our luck later on? Bentley Jones is our main reason for coming up. ;D. We get that we won’t be priority, but it should be worth trying. I was away for 21 days of the 40 that you had open for the booking, and only managed to find a friend who’d be interested and free a day or two after I got back.

  8. bmn Says:

    If it’s not a long way to go (my journey for example will be over four hours each way) then I’d say come along. If it is and you’re still determined to come, get in early (around 11) and make sure – bear in mind that if it’s full (as it likely will be after a couple hours), no-one’s getting in until someone that’s already in leaves, and you have to be at the front of the queue in the first place ;p

    The later you come, the more you push your luck – and the more of the cool shit you miss, for that matter.

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