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Friday, July 31st, 2009, 3:24 pm

Hi guys! It’s about time we talked about the biggest section in the convention – both in terms of size and its relative popularity. The Fan Artwork corner dominated last year’s Summer of Sonic, with fans so eager to get on board with drawing their favourite character that they were sitting on the stage doing it! Of course, you won’t be able to do that now, because the Fan Artwork corner has increased tenfold, with room for about 90 people to sit and scribble at leisure this year.

But the Fan Art corner was meant to be more than just sitting there drawing – we really wanted to showcase art made by fans as a creative homage to the Sonic franchise. This year, we’ll be setting up a few initiatives to celebrate Sonic a bit more.

Art Contest

First off, as last year, there will be an Art Contest. Attendees will be able to draw throughout the day and hand in their best work, with the winners announced on stage. Whether you win or not, we will have a huge wall dedicated to artwork made by fans on the day! So once you’re done with a picture you can get it stuck on the Fan Art wall and have everyone else admire your handiwork.

Featured Artists

Another wall will be present at the event, and will focus on ‘Featured Artists’. This is a section that the organisers at Summer of Sonic will arrange, as we scour the Internet for some incredible Sonic fan art talent! Jemnezmy, our resident Art Maestro, will be contacting several people on deviantArt very soon about putting your art in an extra-special showcase, so keep an eye on those inboxes!

Fan Favourites

More space on the walls will be dedicated to your own favourite pieces of artwork! Courtesy of Sega Europe, you – the Sonic fans and potential attendees – will get the chance to tell us about ONE piece of fan artwork that you would like to see displayed at the Summer of Sonic 2009. Send your chosen favourite to with the subject “Summer Of Sonic Fanart Wall”. Remember, one entry per person.

  1. Shayna Says:

    I better start practicing!

  2. ProjectZuel Says:

    I better start drawing Sonic again.

  3. iNAUDiBLE Says:

    As much as I love the initiative for the fanartists and all that…did you get permission from manaita to use the Super Sonic picture you’re currently using in this blog post? She claims you guys didn’t…

  4. Svend Says:

    @iNAUDiBLE: I have emailed Manaita back about this issue, so we are personally contacting one another about this. I have removed the image in the meantime.

  5. Grinder Says:

    I won last year, I must defend my title! LOL.

  6. Bleeding-Fingertips Says:

    Man it would be kick ass if I was chosen as a featured artist but my arts not good enough.

  7. Lou-Lou-Verity Says:

    Bleeding-Fingertips : I epic fail at drawing and I am going to try any way. My main consern is I am 13, and there will only be little kids there TT^TT

  8. GREG THE CAT Says:

    Alright, time to show my worth.

    Time to send you an email.

  9. GREG THE CAT Says:

    Late, yes, but I now sent them my piece.

    Ooh…. I do do hope for awesomeness. Sorry that I won’t be there guys. I would’ve loved to go, but I’m stuck here in Oklahoma, one of the many states of the US.

  10. Shayna Says:

    @GREG THE CAT, I know, I’m stuck in Arizona! I almost made it though!

  11. Jerry Alexander Says:

    I would have loved to go to, but like Greg the Cat, I to am stuck in…The U.S. needs a Place to have a SOS to and the U.S. one and U.K one can stay connected with video feeds to and from one another…I’m up for it.I’m that kind of technical savvy dude..I’m thinking Oklahoma City or maybe some central part of the country….You could even split it up in regions, but a single location would be great to….

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