Sonic’s Summer Cake: Emerald Shrine Edition

Thursday, August 27th, 2009, 11:22 pm

emeraldshrine-cakeLast year’s Summer of Sonic featured a cake that was painstakingly baked and decorated by Jemnezmy, of the Green Hill Zone. This year, Jemnezmy has done it again with another fantastic Sonic themed cake!

Knuckles’ Emerald Shrine from Sonic Adventure’s Angel Island is the location of your baked delights this time around, complete with stone staircase and Master Emerald sitting pretty at the very top. Forgive the low quality image, we only had a mobile phone camera to hand.

There were in fact two different sources Jemnezmy referred to for this piece, as the Mystic Ruins is represented in both the past and future in Sonic Adventure. Jem decided to combine both the flowing waters of the past Emerald Shrine with the mossy greens that surround the modern-day Master Emerald.

Although the whole of Angel Island hasn’t been represented here (Jem started from the stairs otherwise we’d be seeing a much bigger cake!), what has been imagined here is pretty awesome, don’t you agree?

And there’ll be a slice for anyone who asks for one at the Summer of Sonic convention! Even though it’s a pretty big cake for one (or three!) people, slices are likely to go pretty quickly so once cake is served, be sure to get your slice!

  1. Marcus Says:

    Hopefully, this not be a lie.

  2. Elson 'Darkspeeds' Wong Says:

    I would LOVE to have the honour of having a slice of Jo’s awesome cakes. I can’t believe how close it is to the real deal.

    Svend you sure are lucky to have a gal like that by your side. To have someone with talent to make something appealing and appettizing is a bonus. ;) Anyways I to take a photo of it before it get’s sliced. Did she use orange frosting this year (just curious, the green may be mint flavour or something XD)?

    Anyways thanks for sharing the photo, Mike and I will be catching up with the rest of the gang at the Flying Houstan in a couple of minutes! See you, Jo and Roareye real soon!!

  3. Allybee Says:

    That is one special cake – save a slice for me!

  4. Christopher Price Says:

    Next Year: Hidden Palace Zone – Beta style.

  5. hitmanx2 Says:

    it my b DAY must have a piece

  6. GREG THE CAT Says:

    Crap. I’ll have to miss out on cake. Lovely, Knuckles poundingly awesome CAKE.

    I hate it that I’m stuck here in Oklahoma. I want to go to Summer of Sonic, MAN!

  7. sphereballs Says:

    It would be a crime to eat such a cake…

  8. Lou-Lou-Verity Says:

    Funny, I went there and I saw no cake Owo Maybe I didn’t stay long anoth… TT^TT I regret leaving at 4

  9. Cerium Says:

    Lou-Lou, the cake was brought out and served towards the end and I gotta admit, it tasted amazing :D

  10. Shayna Says:

    Summer of SOnic 09 was fantastic, I was watching it on the live feed, everything was perfect besides the anoying piano. But I had fun watching! Thank you SOS team! I hope everyone enjoyed the cake!

  11. Supakitsune Says:

    Did Tails get a slice? =P

  12. Halkel Says:

    I enjoyed it but i couldn’t stay for the art competition… I wanted my drawing back but i can’t seem to get in touch with them… I hope they didn’t throw it away. I want it back.

  13. Simon Says:

    I missed the cake cos i left too early. The event was really great. Hope there’s one next year. Maybe next year you can have crush 40 or jun senoue. Also you could have sonic mingling with the crowd a bit more instead of just posing for photos. Bentley jones was cool as well. Thanks again guys.

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