The Summer of Sonic Cosplay Contest!

Wednesday, July 22nd, 2009, 1:32 am


Last year, we were surprised to find that so many people were already taking the opportunity to cosplay at the very first Summer of Sonic convention! We gave away a Nintendo DS prize to CloudChaser, who very bravely shaved her head and dressed as Dr. Eggman for the special day.

Noticing a good thing when we see one, we’re going to hold a proper Sonic Cosplay contest at this year’s convention. There will be a special prize going to the best costume as chosen by SoS staff and the crowd in general, so start creating your costume as soon as possible and try to be the best! You’ll likely find that the winner will be the one who is most imaginitive with their cosplay (I doubt that anyone will be able to truly ‘be’ Sonic the Hedgehog, lest they steal one of the suits at Sega somewhere!), so get creative!

Late in the afternoon, we will be hosting an event at the Stage area with a selection of cosplay finalists, at which point the audience will cast a vote as to their favourite! We hope you’ll be game enough to take part in this fun contest!

In other news, we have opened up a new information page – ‘What’ll Be There’. This is a page that will inform you of exactly what you can expect at the convention this year — although we’ve not announced everything yet…….. so bear in mind that page is subject to change. Multiple times. Enjoy!

~ Svend

  1. Shayna Says:

    I so want to do this but I’m not a very good costume designer… :/
    But this sounds awesome.

  2. Elson 'Darkspeeds' Wong Says:

    Aww man I think I’m going to kill you for adding that photo in! I don’t mind the remarkable Dr. Eggman cosplayer (she did an outstanding job and deserves the prize) but not my ugly and chubby mug!! I look drunk in that pic Svend (and I don’t even drink! O_O) LMAO! XXXD

    But yeah man I’m really looking forward to those who are planning to participate in this cosplay competition – it’s going to take a lot of effort and creativity to win top prize! = )

  3. Oni Says:

    Well, that answered my question as to if cosplays will be allowed. Excellent stuff! Am looking foreard to it. :)

  4. Andrew Chantler Says:

    This is going to be so funny! I can’t wait.

  5. Simon Says:

    Cool, already making plans for my sonic costume. Just bought some red shoes today to turn into sonic’s sneakers.

  6. Reebie Says:

    this is an excellent idea, but i dont think i can afford the clothes for it =( maybe i’ll have to cosplay sally.

  7. Daisoku/KatuTheKat/Chelsea Noke Says:

    This sounds like an exellent idea!
    I’ve never cosplayed before….exept that time I did my hair like Iris/Dahlia Hawthorne off Phoenix Wright.

    Hmm… I’m a short 13-year old girl with jaw-length dirty blonde hair….I wonder who to be….?

    I wanna cosplay, but I wanna wear my men’s Sonic t-shirt. Ahhh, what a dilemma! D:

  8. Feniiku Says:


    Okay, MAYBE I’ll bring one of my two cosplays. But I’m not making a new one XD

    To those who’re edgy about wandering around London in cosplay, I advice figuring out a way to take extra accessories off of yours, so you don’t make yourself look like a pointy hedgieperson thing and get stopped on the underground or whatever XD

    And to those who want to wear Sonic T-Shirts? THERE’S ALWAYS SONIC-MAN.

  9. Shayna Says:

    I’ve made up my mond, I’m just gonna wear my Sonic T-Shirt.

  10. Oni Says:

    My costume’s nearly complete now (just a bit of glue on the shoes to touch up and velcro attachments on some cloth to go over) and I’ve booked my train tickets… Getting excited already, even though it’s a month away yet! XD

    If you’ve ever been to the Trocadero or MCM, you’ll know that there’s no shame to wandering around London in cosplay. Loadsa people do it even on a non-event day so no-one should feel alienated or scared. Just do it if you want to! ^_^ However it’s often an issue on the underground due to lack of space. There are loos near and in the con so I’m just gonna put on the main part of my costume before I get on the train and change into the more elaborate parts when I get there. I’d advise others to do the same as well, so you don’t break anything due to people shoving past!

  11. Umiyuri Says:

    Just need to do some fixing of the wig and I’ll be fine. It’s not like some intricate costume or anything… I mean, I’ll be wearing my own jeans and denim jacket, so.

    B-but I’ll have my papercraft sword! And a Chaos Emerald! And maybe my huge frackin’ bag too! And belts.


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