SoS09: The Fan Animations (+ Bonus Knuckles Briefs)

Monday, September 7th, 2009, 9:14 am

One of the most popular elements of the Summer of Sonic convention that recently took place was the number of fantastic fan animations that were played throughout the day. Made by some of the Sonic Community’s best-known home animators, this was a chance to not only play some awesome material to the 400+ fans that attended in person (and the 4000+ viewers online), but also for SEGA and the Sonic Community elite to officially recognise the hard work and effort put in by these animators.

The beginning of the day saw Svend ‘Dreadknux’ Joscelyne and Kevin ‘AAUK’ Eva take the stage to greet fans and introduce the convention, with a video playing in the background. But just as the duo were about to arrive, things went awry on the video… thanks to the awesome work of BoozermaN, the Tails Doll had successfully hijacked the Summer of Sonic 2009 to spread terror and panic on the audience. Watch it below (Warning: Contains flashing images).

Frobman had prepared a special animation which ran through the events of Sonic Adventure with great speed – and hilarity. As it was too late to send the video online (as you can imagine, all of the organisers the day before were running around the venue hall trying to get stuff sorted out), Frobman had a stroke of genius and brought the video with him personally on a DVD. It took a while for the staff to run through it on the day to see if it was okay to play, but all was well and it provided many laughs. A great Sonic parody, made all the more sweeter by the fact the organisers were able to play it at such short notice. Many thanks to Frobman for his initiative and contribution. Watch the video below.

Fans of The Sonic Show‘s animated shorts by Canadian team EvilDoc were in for a great surprise at the Summer of Sonic, with Alex and Roger giving attendees a roundup of their best Red Hedgehog moments, including a rather… awkward scene between Shadow and Chris Thorndyke (which had to be censored slightly at the show due to this particular scene going ‘a bit too far’ for public viewing… however you can watch the film in its entirety using the link below). The second half is brand new material, placing bets on the next Sonic Storybook title with incredible results.

Watch the unedited version at The Sonic Show

Last, but by no means least, Sonic Paradox – the fantastic animation group behind the Newgrounds hit Sonic Shorts – had some very special videos to show at the Summer of Sonic 2009 convention. Undoubtedly the biggest hit of the day was a sneak preview of their upcoming project, Sonic Shorts 6 (you can see fan recording of the moment it was played here on Youtube), which was so popular that people begged for the organisers to play it a second time (which they found time for at the very end of the convention).

A second video was created by Sonic Paradox especially for the Summer of Sonic convention, but due to technical issues it was unable to be played on the day. Thanks to The Sonic Show, who also helped provide the live feeds and various video spots at the convention, we can show you the special Summer of Sonic 2009 animation, ‘Knuckles Briefs’. Watch it below.

What was your favourite moment at the Summer of Sonic 2009 convention? Let us know in the comments box!

  1. Darian Says:

    My personal favorite moment was when someone came to the convention as Purge. It’s just a shame that Sega forgot one of their own characters.

  2. Shay Says:

    I was on the live feed, but my fave parts were Lee’s two performances.
    I also loved the Cosplay contest, very cool and somewhat funny!
    The shorts were awesome!
    Way to go!!!

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