Sumo Digital Attending Summer of Sonic 09

Friday, August 7th, 2009, 11:04 am

We can now reveal that Sumo Digital – the developers behind such fan favourites as Sega Superstars Tennis, Virtua Tennis 2009 and OutRun Online Arcade – will be present at this year’s Summer of Sonic convention. Based in Sheffield in the United Kingdom, Sumo Digital is an independent studio that has close ties to SEGA, and their tennis recreations of classic Sonic stages have seen plenty of praise within the fan community.

As a special treat for those attending SoS09, we will be hosting a Q&A session with Steve Lycett, Executive Producer and Travis Ryan, Lead Designer on upcoming racer Sonic and Sega All-Stars Racing. The duo will be talking on stage about their careers, the relationship Sumo Digital shares with Sega and the development processes behind their latest title. The floor will be opened for questions from the audience too, for those looking to learn more about the team.

If you fancy playing the latest games as well, Summer of Sonic has you covered. A demo version of Sonic and Sega All-Stars Racing will be available to play at the convention, months ahead of its public release! You can even try your luck at the trial course against Steve and Travis – can you beat the developers at their own game?

What would you like to ask the studio? Have a good think about it, and maybe your questions will be answered on stage! If not, there will be the chance to meet them at the signing booth shortly after the session.

  1. Jackskellinghog Says:

    Very very excited about this. I can’t wait to meet them. I have high hopes for “Sonic Drift 3″ considering I loved the first two. And now this reincarnation with other sega characters should be awesome.

  2. Shayna Says:

    Whoa, I so wanna try out the new game!! And I might wanna challenge one of them… I dunno.

  3. DoctorEggman Says:

    They had better improve the graphics over SST. That and the sound. Anyway, that’s cool that they’re attending.

  4. Sonic Unleashed (SU) Says:

    Very exciting, way pass cool!!! :D :D :D
    1 more thing, besides all the extra things we can catch during the race and the Superstars Moves will each super-star have a “unic move†(like, Sonic can boost when we catchs rings, and Tails fly high when does the same thing, and Dr.Robotnik shoot at people, just like Sonic R) ???? I pray to god that they make that, just like their trailer when SONIC is in the air and boost! :D .
    SONIC & SEGA ALL-STARS RACING….. wooow :P way pass cool!

    Amazing how SONIC FANS COMMUNITY is HUGE!!!
    S&SASR will rock the universe!!! I can’t wait for it 2010…so far… but it will worth the waiting :)

  5. Jackskellinghog Says:

    Which version? The Xbox360 had beautiful graphics.

  6. 7Force Says:

    At first I was not to sure about Sonic and Sega All-Stars Racing but since I know that Sumo are working on it who did a wonderful job on Out Run 2 I feel a little better about this game. From what I’ve been hearing the game plays a little like Out Run 2 so i’m looking forward to giving this game a spin.

  7. Sonic Yoda Says:

    Wicked. I wanna ask them what the process is for putting characters into the game. Because if it isn’t difficult, there’s no reason why Ryo in a Forklift shouldn’t be a playable character!

  8. Svend Says:

    @Jackskellinghog: Which version of what? Sumo Digital developed every platform version of all the above mentioned games. :)

  9. Teddy Software Info Says:

    Sega all star racing sounds pretty cool one those games just got wait till it comes out and see it and play and see how it is

  10. Kori-Maru Says:

    @Sonic Yoda: Yeah, I want to ask the same question too, especially if their going to bring in certain Japanese only characters in the game.

  11. Axl-fox Says:

    interesting, Im hoping for more updates, we haven’t gotten any news since the confirmation of Big, Shadow and the Billy Hatcher stage at the E3 2009

    too bad I cant go, cuz I would like to ask them some questions:

    How many characters are going to be playable?
    (I know they said over 15, but still doesn’t sound 100% accurate)

    any chance that every non-Sonic character is gonna have their own course bassed from their respective universes?

    any hints on when are they going to announce more characters?

    there will be an story mode? is that’s so, will the characters from the other universes interact with each other (as in SSBB)?

    will the graphics from XBox 360 and PS3 version be different from the Wii version? (we all know the DS version will have crappier graphics that’s for sure)”

    well, maybe if im lucky enough someone who will assist to the SoS will read this questions and ask them to Mr. Steve and Mr. Travis

  12. Jackskellinghog Says:

    @Svend: Quote:They had better improve the graphics over SST. That and the sound. Anyway, that’s cool that they’re attending.

    I was responding to that xD~

  13. Jackskellinghog Says:

    @Sonic Yoda: OH MY GAWD XD~ you just made me spill liquid from my noise in laughter. RYO IN A FORKLIFT 8D~ *Imagines forklift ploughing the Sonic gang to shreds*

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