What’s The Deal With The Video Feeds?

Sunday, August 23rd, 2009, 7:28 pm

Hi there, peeps. bmn here to tell all you stay-at-home moaners who can’t make it to the show on Saturday about what you’ve all been wanting to know – What’s The Deal With The Video Feeds?!

Well, I can tell you that The Deal should be hella better than it was last year. Unfortunately, because our tech doods – namely, myself and Jay (AKA DiscoPonies) – live nowhere near London and didn’t have the budget to make it to the venue for early testing, and with the lack of Internet access Svend talked about in the FAQ last month, we can’t guarantee that this will all be in place, but we’ll do our best. I’ll just assume that it’s all going to work fine for the rest of this post…

On the video front, we’re going with the tried-and-tested uStream – we have an easy job putting it on, you have an easy job viewing it. We’ll have a camera perched in Dread’s Crow’s Nestâ„¢ with a good view of the crowd and the stage all through the day, and Jay up in the place will keep you up to date on developments with a live video ticker, so if you miss Lee’s presumedly excellent show or something similarly freaky – that’s freaky in a good way – you’ve only got yourself to blame. Or your computer. Or your annoying sibling cruely stealing the computer.

But wait! I know the… 17 of you… that watched the live feed last year had a good time with yours truly behind the camera and chilling with the partygoers. This time we’re going one better and sending a wireless camera out into the fray. We’ll cut between the two cameras throughout the day to give you a real view of the show.

On top of that, we’re broadcasting a special Summer of Sonic LiVECAST on SEGASonic Radio throughout the whole day. Hear the DJs spinning the wheels of… plastic! Tune in to all the stage events! Everything that goes through the speakers on stage will be pumped through the Internuts to your eardrums.

We’ll make sure to have both feeds here on the homepage on the day – if you tune in early you may just catch us setting up and testing everything. Now that’s something to use your 3G Internet on while you’re waiting for the doors to open…


  1. Shayna Says:

    I’m not able to make it this year, I’ll make a day though and still watch it!!!

  2. jason hewitt Says:

    Any news on registration? Any chance of registering me and my dad? thought and kinda hoped a few people might just have cancelled. just hopefully and desperately (I’ve made my dad take the day off work!!!!!)

  3. Svend Says:

    Unfortunately registration closed some time ago. :(

    I’m really sorry that you won’t be able to register – the best I can suggest is that you and your dad make it to the event very early in the hopes that you might get regular entry. Although without a ticket, the wait could be either quite long or quite short. It really depends on what happens on the day I’m afraid.

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