Summer of Sonic Tickets

Monday, August 3rd, 2009, 10:04 pm

A lot of you have been wondering where these tickets that you are supposed to get when pre-registering. Well after a few nights of solid work on them, they are done, and will be sent out to you within the next week (hopefully). Here is a little explanation on what you are expecting. Click the image to see it in full size.

And here are some questions I know will be asked so let’s go through ‘em:

Q: Do I have to print my ticket?
A: No, but if you don’t print your ticket you will need to remember your code (or preferably write it down) because if you forget it, you’ll have to go through the registration queue again.

Q: Can I print my ticket in Black & White?
A: Yes Black and White tickets are no problem.

Q: My Character sucks, I want a new one!
A: Characters have been assigned randomly however we can not change them anymore.

Q: I need to change the amount of guests I am bringing, can I do that?
A: Yes, please email summerofsonic[at]googlemail[dot]com with your ticket number and we will see what we can do about getting you a new ticket. This is more important if you need to bring more guests than your ticket says rather than less.

Q: I have not received my ticket, where is it?
A: The earlier you registered the sooner your ticket will be out but all people who registered before August should get their tickets by the 10th, if you do not receive it before then please contact summerofsonic[at]googlemail[dot]com.

Q: What are the symbols for on the top of the tickets?
A: You’ll have to come and find out on the day!

We look forward to seeing you on the day.

Shadow Urtheart

  1. Katie Hills Says:

    I just send to e-mails, one from msn hotmail and another from g-mail, how long does it take?

  2. Nova Says:

    Awesome, got mine!

  3. Allybee Says:

    Got my tickets!
    I got Cream the Rabbit and John got Knuckles he’s pretty excited!

  4. Jackskellinghog Says:

    I got Big! Haha… I’ve got my ticket, who else has got their ticket and what character did they get? :3

  5. Reebie Says:

    woo! i just got mine! theres knuckles on it =D

  6. ProjectZuel Says:

    YAH!! I got my ticket!! I’m so looking forword to this.

  7. Shayna Says:

    Well, I got my ticket! My character is Blaze! ^_^

  8. HelenBaby Says:

    Recieved me and my friend Brett’s ticket, but not Hannah’s (who I also mentioned) yet…

  9. shimsham Says:

    Wow the Hoo! Just arrived in my inbox! I’m truly stoked to see what you merry lads have in store for us.

  10. Oni Says:

    Woo! Got my ticket too. I got Amy. :3

    Getting well excited now. Cosplay costume’s finished, tickets for train and con are here, pencils are sharpened, and I have a bag full of questions for the guests! ^__________^

  11. Jade W-C Says:

    Stilll waiting for mine, but I don’t mind waiting.

  12. Urtheart Says:

    Guys remember if there is a problem with your ticket don’t just say here, email the SoS google mail

  13. Simon Says:

    Yeah, got my ticket on thursday. Mine’s got tails on it. Really looking forward to the day.

  14. Umiyuri Says:

    I got Eggman. Dude, thanks. That soooo works with how I’m dressing up, you know. XD Oh, and Mom got Rouge. Funnily enough, she has a Rouge bookmark that I made for her more than a year or two ago. Well, it’s been swapped for Feenie, but…

    (Oni, I wish to meet you and see your cosplay.)

  15. hagridandfang Says:

    Thanks for the ticket! I got Tails, in all his two tailed glory!

  16. Halkel Says:

    I’m still waiting on mine. I do hope i get Tails and my sister gets Cream though D=.

  17. Jade W-C Says:

    I got Silver! Thanks guys! I’ll see you there with a Sonic Baseball Cap.

  18. H Hog Says:

    Haha, I got Shadow :B

  19. Shayna Says:

    I pampered my ticket… I got it printed in color then had in laminated. It looks even better now. So cool!

  20. 7Force Says:

    Got my ticket got Shadow on mine. I kniw some people going to this, should be a laugh.

  21. Marcus Says:

    I got Amy. And my friend got Silver.

  22. anna5535 Says:

    hey guys im new to this i don’t think i can make it to London for the cost of air plane tickets but what do the tickets them self’s cost to get in? if its a low cost i might be able to talk my mom in to taking me =3 and if i do go i hope i get a tails ticket! :P or anything but big! xD

  23. rk2059342 Says:

    I got mine!!! woo!!! got knuckles. Say, did anyone get sonic?

  24. Danbuster Says:

    Heh, strange irony… I got Cream the Rabbit. And my fursona-character is actually a male hare!
    Ah well, even if I didn’t get Tails, at least I got his girlfriend (personal couple-preferance) anyway! o_~

  25. hedgetigress85 Says:

    I got my ticket when i came back from my holiday, the character on my ticket is Rouge the Bat…..sweet =D

    I’m so excited about the upcoming event.

  26. sonicshadow64 Says:

    im not going o do not have money =[

  27. Raul Says:

    Tj Davis noting going this sonic summer??????????????

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