Welcome to the Summer of Sonic 2009!

Wednesday, June 10th, 2009, 6:48 pm

Summer of Sonic 2008

If you’re reading this right now, congratulations! You’re one of the first people to catch a glimpse of the brand new website for the Summer of Sonic convention! More content will be added over the coming days, with this page being home to the latest announcements and updates. Please check back often to find out important information on the next convention, taking place in London (UK) on August 29th 2009.

What is the Summer of Sonic?

A very warm welcome if you are new to this website! The Summer of Sonic is an annual convention for fans of Sonic the Hedgehog to meet in a single location and enjoy the flagship SEGA mascot together. This event was created by Svend ‘Dreadknux’ Joscelyne, webmaster of fansite The Sonic Stadium and professional video game journalist, and the event is co-organised and supported by SEGA Europe and, specifically, Kevin ‘AAUK’ Eva (Community Manager for SEGA Europe).

The very first convention took place in Covent Garden, London UK, in the cosy Dragon Hall community centre. Over 300 Sonic crazed fans from all over the world attended this intimate and atmospheric gathering to play classic Mega Drive games, compete for Guinness World Record titles, play Sonic Chronicles: The Dark Brotherhood before its UK release, and meet legendary names in the franchise’s history, including Nigel Kitching (Writer/Artist, Fleetway Sonic the Comic), Bentley Jones (Musician, ‘Dreams of an Absolution’) and the unmistakable Richard Jacques (Sonic 3D, Metropolis Street Racer) with TJ Davis (Singer, Sonic R).

What can I do here?

This website exists to provide attendees of this year’s Summer of Sonic event with information regarding special guests, shows, stage performances and travel details. We will be providing blog updates on a regular basis, beginning June 15th 2009. We will be reaching out to the Sonic fan community to help make their mark on the Summer of Sonic – the Comments system on this website will allow you to communicate directly with us and chat to other attendees.

More details are coming soon – we have only just launched this year’s website, so please take this time to let us know what you thought of the Summer of Sonic event last year in Dragon Hall (if you were able to make it!) and what you would like to see in 2009′s event (we take on board all that we read, but obviously we can’t do everything suggested – although we might be able to do it in the future…). Speak to you soon!

~ Svend

  1. Wordy Says:

    Woo! First Comment!
    Glad to see there’s an official site up. Unfortunately I didn’t make it to last years. But hopefully I will this time, if i’m brave enough. Seeing as i’m a young teen I have a feeling it’s going to be a bit awkward.
    I don’t really have many suggestions. Most things would probably be too ambitious! (and costly…) But I do think I can say one thing. A large hall with more than one room would be great. I hear (and see – from the pictures) that it was really crowded last time. And I know this isn’t probably possible, seeing as you’ve already booked it, but maybe you could take it into consideration? As I think having more than one room would be great; give a feel of different atmospheres. It could also provide more space for more things to see/play/talk to/touch?

  2. Stiv Says:

    Good to see the site up again! Can’t wait to hear the details of this years convention, or the place =P.
    As always, let me know if you need any help with art stuff.

  3. Allybee Says:

    Seeing as I was on my hen night last year – I did miss it! This time no excuses I will be there. I can appreciate how much stress and strain it must take to organise something like this! Hats off to everyone who is busting a gut to make this happen. Hopefully having learnt from last year this will be the best Sonic event – ever! x

  4. Flyboy Fox Says:

    Oh, tasty!

    To the above commenter, yes, last year’s SoS was rather crowded! This year’s venue will almost certainly be bigger, but I’m sure Dread will confirm that as soon as poss.

    I can’t wait to attend! Last year’s was fab, and that was really a fairly small scale thing in a small hall and not so much official backing from SEGA. It was kickass nevertheless, and I don’t expect miracles from this one… but I think that SoS, like a fine wine, matures with age and just keeps getting better!

    If SoS ’10 next year doesn’t have Sonic himself appearing, I’ll– wait, what, he was at last year’s one? Oh yeah! How silly of me. Even Sonic himself is done with SoS!

    (Please get Archie people in please please…)

    *Shuts up*

  5. HelenBaby Says:

    Nice looking site, guys. If there’s anything I can do to help please do not hestitate to let me know =)

  6. Peda Says:

    I second the idea of multi (even simply divided) room events, good for a break from too much of some things, and you can play games when there’s a talk you don’t want to go to on etc!

    Perhaps also cosplay contest.

    Didn’t attend last year so I don’t have much of an idea of what’ll go on.

    OOOH, maybe a live art competition (sonic based, duh) Long tables with rows of contestants. We all basically know how to draw sonic, and I love to see different people’s styles applied to him.

    Competitions are good, we like prizes!


    Sounds really good. Good with that. It’s the first time I’ve heard of the site and event. :)

    Best of luck


  8. James Says:

    Like Wordy, I didn’t make it to last year’s event but I’d love to go this year. I’ll book August the 29th off work today and keep checking back for information!

  9. Kyle Says:

    Hopefully will be able to make it!

    Was kicking myself for missing it last year; will video cameras be allowed at this memorable event? :P

    Was so jealous to see Sonic-R tracks performed live via the stream last year >_<

  10. Andrew Chantler Says:

    Wahoo! I am very much looking forward to this year’s Summer of Sonic! Bring it on! Then we’ll all go for noodles at a reasonably priced Japanese restaurant!

  11. Elson 'Darkspeeds' Wong Says:

    We need more booze, more women, more organic plant material so that we can attract Australia’s top border security patrol units to search the hall, more Eggman sauce, more bread sticks, more kangaroos, more ‘My Chemical Romance’… *SHOT SHOT SHOT*…

    Gosh, what the hell am I saying?

    A-hem, excuse my poor humour Svend, but you know me I’m cool with whatever’s being planned for this year – just make sure the dates don’t change, my air ticket to the UK is about to be processed in the next hour! XD

    But yeah man cheers for this spankin’ new website! It looks sweet as and I hope that you, Kev and the rest of the team will continue to make every effort in making this event as special as the last one we had.

    Do I have any suggestions for the event? Not that I can think of at the moment. I will surely pass on any when I do and you know that. ^_~

    Keep up the amazing work, I’m ever looking forward to catching up with you all in London and beyond in the coming months!! ^__^

  12. joey Says:

    could u actually have some toys and other sonic stuff to buy plz. i did enjoy last year but it was a bit crowded so could u get a bigger hall?

  13. Jackskellinghog Says:

    Last year was an absoloute blast and I hope this year will be also. Can’t wait to see you there guys~

  14. Mike Taylor Says:

    Nice looking new site guys. Looking forward to this years event and what you lot have in store for us all.

  15. D00dlebug Says:

    Woo! Second Comment! :P
    So happy to see an official site! SOOO excited about this!! I didn’t manage to get to the last one because frankly nobody told me about it till the day after :O
    I’m am DEFINATELY attending this years event, no matter what the cost. I don’t really have many suggestions that would be possible, but would it be too ambitious to ask for maybe one of the voice actors? (past or present) and maybe some of Sonic Team themselves? I just think it would be SO cool to be able to say I “spoke” to “Sonic” haha
    I like the idea of different rooms (though of course this might have to wait till another year) as you could have seperate rooms for comics, prizes, games and so forth. It would mean that you didn’t HAVE to see everything all at once and listen to everything at once

  16. PsychoSk8r Says:

    Well, I think I’ll definately be up for this, it’d be nice to meet more of the sonic community.
    Perhaps you guys should rent out a hall with a Bar too, which would be perfect for some of the older members of the community to socialise and get to know eachother. No harm in throwing in some idea’s eh? =P

  17. Shayna Says:

    Hey, where is this being held? I know in London UK but where exactly?
    Please email me with the answer.
    ALSO I’m hoping to come this year with my mom. We’re from the US, but heck I’m willing to travel to see this!
    I have to agree that you guys might need a bigger building XD

  18. Casanova Says:

    I have a suggestion… and… you may have heard me suggest this one once or twice before…

    Can we please do a QI/Have I got Sonic News for you themed quiz at the event… and can I be the host? Please… Please… I’ll… bring ice cream….?

  19. Frozen Nitrogen Says:

    Being a man who didn’t know about the last one because he’s ignorant in the ways of the Internet, I can’t offer suggestions based on prior experience, but making efforts to ensure there’s food & refreshment vendors in close proximity to hundreds of excitable hyperactive Sonic fans would seem a wise route to take.
    ‘Cos I’ll get thirsty, so they’re guaranteed ONE customer…

  20. Marcus Kemp Says:

    I’ll try to see if I can make this years. All depends on date time price and where it is. I’ll see what i can do when more info is revealed.

  21. Suonike Says:

    I would LOVE so much to attend this. I wasn’t there last year and I know my comment might not count for much but it might be cool to have a high-quality exposition for artists and their Sonic-themed artwork. Then others could make requests and agreements with the artists about special-request art that they would have the artists draw for them (yes, I just use 3 hyphens in one 1 sentence). I know the Internet already facilitates this but it’s just an idea. Oh, and Sonic for Mega Drive/Genesis on projection screen is a definite. Just some thoughts on what I would like to see if I make it this year.

  22. Umiyuri Says:

    Yes, yes, yes~~

    Get that place sorted out, matey! Or rather, my good Sir Svend – pirates are -so- two years ago. Nah, we’re badass knights now. Knights and followers of the true King Arthur! *holds her sword to the light*

    But that means I can’t threaten ye to walk the plank… but I -can- have at ye!

  23. Ben (aka Rio) Says:

    For the resources you had and your small amount of experience in staging such an event, last year’s Summer of Sonic was simply incredbile. The venue was pleasantly (and surreally) intimate but also packed and extremely hot inside.

    I think the hardest thing for many a person was the lack of somewhere to sit. I myself suffer with sciatica and came with a couple of friends who have health problems of their own so it was necessary to be able to sit down and the floor isn’t exactly the comfiest place in the world, so I think at least 200 chairs will be necessary this year. I think this year also needs a bigger venue but I’m sure that’s already being taken care of.

    The highlight of last year’s event for me was the musical performances. I certainly wasn’t disappointed by how many performances there were last year but if it is at all possible for there to be more guests and more performances this year, that’d be fantastic. Perhaps you might even get Crush 40 or at least Jun Senoue to make an appearance?

    I also think it’d be awesome if you could get volunteers to be Tails and Knuckles as well as Sonic, if they are available/exist.

    The most important amendment for me this year though is comfort, so if the venue is bigger, well-ventilated and has a good few places to sit, then I’m happy.

  24. Anna Says:

    I’m Count me in :D! I’m commiiinnggggg~

  25. Dr_Ultimate Says:

    I really enjoyed last years event. It was fantastic. I am really excited about this years event and I can’t wait. It will be soo much fun.

  26. Fire In The Hole Says:

    I most likely will not be able to attend the event. However, if you can maybe have a playable demo of M&S Winter, I know everybody would be thrilled.

  27. Tsukasa Says:

    I wanna go…but I don’t live in the UK! Noes!!!

  28. Codi Jones Says:

    yay SoS is back! too bad im not in London

  29. FastFeet Says:

    Glad to see the site back along with the forthcoming updates which will be very interesting indeed. Last years event was simply fantastic and so was everyone who attended as well as all the special guests we had.

    I already know a few people outside of the UK who are planning to come so that’s good, last year we had a number of people from different countries. Hopefully you’ll see me and my fellow enthusiasts on the stage managing and working the decks & music like last year… but we’ll have to wait and see.

    Put simply last year was great and if anything this one is set to be 10 times better, I look forward to seeing you all there!

  30. hedgetigress85 Says:

    The site’s looking good *nods*

    I’m so definately coming to this event this year =)

    Suggestions? hmmm…i think there should be a quiz to see who knows the most about the blue speed demon :>

    Can’t wait to hear where the venue will be for the event

  31. DarkNoise Says:

    Woot! Nice site Dread. Good simple clean style as always. Kudos!

    Oh, before I forget…

    Elson> looking forword to seeing ya again mate!

    Casanova> Oh! Awesome idea. I’m definetly up for a Sonic Themed Mock the Week… or QI is good, but still. Defently up for it! (Excuse my bad typing, fingures numb from Gundam building)

  32. Stiv Says:

    Am I the only one who would enjoy a proper Sonic karaoke? ^_^

  33. Allybee Says:

    Oh man, Sonic Karaoke – IT MUST HAPPEN!

  34. DarkNoise Says:

    I dunno, I’m not really that good a singer, but I suppose it could be funny to see everyone, dread included, doing some Sonic Karaoke.

  35. Shayna Says:

    Do you think that you can get Lee Brotherton aka Bentley Jones at Summer of Sonic this year too?

  36. Rafael/Setnaro X Says:

    I live in Florida (USA), and I definitely want to visit the convention. I can do it, I just need someone to help me out with all the info about the place. I got the address and all. I just need to see the names of the hotels that are nearby, and of course where the airport is. I’m pretty sure I can google all of that information, but a little help from someone here would be nice too.


    If anyone wants to help me in any way, that is my e-mail. I’ll be planning everything today all the way to August. I can’t wait.

  37. Future Says:

    I wish I could go, but I live in America. And I’m only 13 so I can’t go by myself…

  38. Simon Says:

    Looking forward to this years sos, already booked a day off work for it. A sonic themed quiz or sonic karaoke would be well cool.

  39. Shayna Says:

    OK, well it looks like I’ma start my planning Monday :)
    I’ve got almost enough money to go. Now All I gotta worry about is getting my mom on the air plane.
    Since I’m only a teenager it’s gonna be a little hard to earn the rest of the money. But heck, all I gotta say is that SoS is totaly worth it!
    I’m buying my passport monday, my plane ticket will have to wait til July. I got some good tips for hotels and inns if anyone needs information then please email me at shayna.inu@gmail.com
    OK, I hope I can be of help to someone :)

  40. Angie Says:

    wooow, it’s awesome!
    I can’t wait!!!!
    whoaaaa…. hehe =)


  41. Shego Says:

    Hi there. I’m a huge fan of Sonic. He’s been my hero since I was little. I would definitely want to visit the Sonic convention. But I’m afraid that I live in USA on Florida. How much does a ticket cost for Sonic Convention?

  42. Kevin Says:

    darknoize> Casanova> Oh! Awesome idea. I’m definetly up for a Sonic Themed Mock the Week… or QI is good!

    How about a sonic orientated form of Jeopardy

    As we was reading the quoted comment above me and my bro came up with a little something

    MY BRO – wouldn’t that sonic themed mock the week be “Mock the Sonic”? OR mock the *insert relevant sonic character here*

    ME – would QI, be QS, or “Quite Speedy”?

    You could have a live “Wrecks Factor” let’s see how the winners do when they have to perform in front of a live audience.

    how about “8 out of 10 Big’s” (an obvious parody of 8 out of 10 cats)

    how about “Eggbutts” (a parody of eggheads)


  43. zoe Says:

    Thanks for the update even though know i am 14 i am coming with my dad and we have sent a email and just waiting for a replay we are coming by train thanks

  44. Sinister Swiss Says:

    I REALLY would love to be there this year, last year was one of the best days ever! I just hope it’s not too late to register and stuff…:(

  45. bmn Says:

    i can see my t-shirt from here.

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