WHERE: The Boiler House, Truman Brewery

Wednesday, June 17th, 2009, 7:42 pm


We have some news for you guys! Although there are a few final niggles to iron out – t-crossing, i-dotting things – we’re far enough in the booking process to inform you the exact location of the Summer of Sonic 2009. I hinted in my Twitter account that it will be somewhere to the East of Zone 1 (‘Zones’ are London Underground areas). SOS 09 will take place in the colourful marketplace of Brick Lane, at Truman Brewery’s Boiler House (that image is of the inside, with stuff in it). We have more details on the location, including a handy map, on our newly opened Where Is It page – do give it a nose.

I’m going to drop a few more hints as to what you can expect in the lead up to SOS this year – after much deliberation, this event will be free to attend, just like the initial convention in 2008. So all you have to worry about is travel and snoozing down in London, if the mood takes you.

One of the biggest things we were asked was the facility of ‘merchandise shops’ for attendees to spend, spend spend. In fact, it’s one of the things I’d really like to happen too, but unfortunately I can’t comment on whether we can do this yet in SOS 09 or not. The problem being that there are all sorts of legal and property rights issues surrounding the selling of Sonic the Hedgehog licensed products (I’m not joking – SEGA are somehow in a legal tussle to sell stuff from their own brand) so it could put a damper on things. Having said that, there’s nothing stopping license holders from attending the event, but I can’t say whether that will happen or not yet, so fingers crossed!

We’re still fumbling through our list of Special Guests, so aren’t ready to comment on anything just yet… however, I can tease that legendary game composer Richard Jacques and the lovely singer TJ Davis were said to enjoy attending Summer of Sonic 2008. If you missed out on Richard and TJ’s magnificent performance last year, there’s a chance you’ll still be able to meet them this year…

There will be a legal requirement for us to have names of those attending the Summer of Sonic in case of a fire or other emergency – a page will be created soon where you can sign your name (much like last year’s registration page, minus the threat of not getting in), so if you want to get in smoothly and quickly on the day you should let us know your name/s on the upcoming page. If you turn up on the day, all carefree like a bird, we’ll have to take your names down on the door so it might slow things down for you. Just giving you a heads up.

Specific things such as fan interaction and special things that the community will be preparing for the convention will be revealed very soon – in the meantime, give us your thoughts on these latest developments! We’re listening! :)

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  1. Casanova Says:

    Can I host a Sonic themed QI/Have I Got News for you?

    Well…. I like the idea of it being held in a venue like this, the boiler house. For some reason it just seems right! I hope there will be ice cream, and chocolate… everybody loves ice cream and chocolate… except those people alergic to milk.

  2. Marcus Says:

    Awesomesauce! At least it’ll be in a bigger area this year. And fingers crossed if there IS sun this year. Not like last year.

  3. Ben (aka Rio) Says:

    Wow! It certainly looks very big. Kudos to you!

  4. Jordan/hxc Says:

    Going this year, more to meet some people from SoaH but if anyone wants to talk about Sonic Xtreme I’ll be more than welcome to go on at you :)

  5. Elizabeth the Bathog Says:

    WOW! can hardly wait!

  6. D00dlebug Says:

    This is such a good choice of place! I just have one question of what time it will start and finish, I only ask because I may need to book somewhere to stay before and after lol

  7. Andrew Chantler Says:

    Brick Lane! Ahhh! I know it well… and it’s pretty easy to find (a handful of tube stations are in close proximity! Keep us posted! You’re doing goooood!

  8. MK Skillz Says:

    Ahh sounds good! I’m glad the venue has finally been revealed!

    TSS states that this venue holds 500 people – I’m assuming this is enough to fit in everyone who stated an interest beforehand? Or are some people going to be left disappointed?

    Apart from that, I eagerly await further details and look forward to attending the event in August!

  9. SP the Shrew Says:

    Wow thats impressive, isn’t that double the old venue, it should be epic, this is becoming a large scale gathering C:

  10. Stiv Says:

    It might be a good idea to have something akin to picnic tables if at all possible.

  11. Kyle Says:

    I was just wondering; when will the event start? Early morning – through til evening? or some other time? Just so I know what time to be there for and whether to arrange a hotel booking :)

    Thanks guys!

  12. Rafael/Setnaro X Says:

    I am completely serious about traveling to this convention even though I live in Florida all the way in the USA. I have the money and everything needed to make the travel, but I really need to find someone who would be willing to help me out when I do get to London. Someone who knows their way around the area and such so I’m not just some lost tourist. I wonder if anyone in the USA is also planning on making this travel.

  13. Homao balthamos Says:

    Well im bringing my bf along. My god I dont know where it is though, or what busses, but I know its a good area :3

  14. ddseradde Says:

    That’s it, i’m there…

  15. Tyler Says:

    I almost fainted last year when TJ Davis was singing.

  16. HelenBaby Says:

    *squeaks in antipation* I can’t wait!

  17. Blue_Blur95 Says:

    I really want to come this year because it’s gonna be double awesome. Pah, a 3 hour train ride is nothing. Now I’ve just got to find a hotel…

    Hope to see you there!

  18. shimsham Says:

    All the best with setting everything guys and making bigger and badder than it was before!

  19. Meesh Says:

    I’m going with some SoaH peepz too, woopdeedoo. As others have said, the time of the event would be really appreciated because some of us can’t book travel until we know the start and end times. Can you put them up ASAP please? Thanks.

  20. Mike Taylor Says:

    Suggestion… Um… Just go the same direction as you did last year guys!

  21. Reebie Says:

    *is going with Meesh* =D

    can we have chillidogs served at the event please? i know there are licensing issues but… try? ^^

  22. Shayna Says:

    I have a feeling it’s gonna be packed again this year… Anywho anyone have any hotel sugestions?

  23. spiritofwolf Says:

    Just a request, nothing to do with the gathering itself, but would it be possible to organise something online as well for those unable to attend? I understand that it may not be possible, on top of all the admin for the gathering, but it is my hope that I will be able to participate in Summer of Sonic 09 in any way possible, even if it is a minuscule role, and I am sure there are fans all over the world who feel the same way.

    Thanks, and hope Summer of Sonic 09 is a brilliant one!

  24. Tripe S3 Says:

    I’m SO there. ArchAngel, when is it?

  25. Zoe Says:

    Yes! finally it’s been revealed thank you i will defentiely be there i’ll be coming with my dad if that’s ok but what time will it start just asking

  26. Tsukasa Says:

    Is Bentley Jones gonna be there????????? :O

  27. Reebie Says:

    to further spiritofwolf’s idea… maybe a live video stream from the convention could go online? i would help out with that if they took on the idea.

  28. Adler Says:

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