Your Questions/Suggestions Answered!

Friday, July 10th, 2009, 12:27 am

dscf1194Hey guys! Svend/Dreadknux here, just writing a quick update to answer some questions that have been asked here, there and everywhere. :) First of all, sorry for the lack of updates on my part – we’ve been busy behind the scenes, getting some last minute things prepared! As you can imagine, it’s been a bit of a whirlwind trying to organise something like this, on a bigger scale than last year and while taking on board your suggestions to make it better! We’ve got enough stuff to announce over the next month so we’ll be spilling many a bean in regular intervals. Keep an eye out.

I’ll also be letting some other members of the SoS team have a say on this blog. At the moment Jemnezmy and myself (Dreadknux) are working on the floorplan alongside preparations for the new and improved Art Corner – stay tuned for an update from Jem about that! Anyway, onto your questions/concerns!

  1. Will the venue be bigger than Summer of Sonic 2008′s?
    It will be much bigger. The Truman Brewery’s Boiler House is over twice the size of last year’s Dragon Hall venue. In fact, I’ve spent the best part of today drafting a floorplan for the place, and there’s lots and lots of room even after taking into account all the stuff I’ve had to put in it! The Boiler House can fit around 500 people in its walls. And to answer a related question, yes I’m personally making sure there will be many, many chairs in the hall this year.
  2. Is there more than one room at the venue?
    Sadly, the Boiler House is one big happy room in itself. There aren’t any additional spaces that people can sift in and out of. We didn’t intend it to be this way, although I personally think that having more than one room kind of diminishes the nature of a convention anyway. The point, I feel, is that everyone who likes the same thing can kick back with one another. It seems a little strange to have separate rooms for groups of people to enter in such an environment – people may think you’re being somewhat anti-social! :)

    What we do have however, is a sizeable outdoor area towards the back of the venue. It would make for a great space for you guys to hang out if you want some fresh air and some food (more on this coming later). Let’s hope for some nice, sunny weather!

  3. Will video cameras be allowed?
    Of course! We want people to be able to take as many mementos from the event as they can. If you have a really fond memory of this year’s Summer of Sonic, we would want you to take that away and keep that forever. Please note however, that certain special guests may be uncomfortable being recorded and having themselves put on Youtube – if we ask the audience to not film a particular part of Stage events I hope you guys will be able to respect this and put down the video cameras until it’s cool to play with them again.
  4. Can we buy Sonic merchandise/toys at this year’s event?
    This was one of the biggest requests we got last year, and I’d love to jump right up and say “Heck yes, here’s a truckload of exclusive merch you can purchase!” Unfortunately, owing to licensing restrictions on Sega Europe’s part, we can’t do an awful lot to introduce merchandise to buy at the event. That doesn’t mean we aren’t trying though! There are many companies that have a license to produce and sell Sonic the Hedgehog products in the UK, and we’re doing our best to have them attend so you can buy some of their wares.
  5. Any chance of voice actors attending?
    I can promise you we have a great list of special guests attending, but I’m afraid to say that nobody from the voice acting gang will be able to make the trip this time. The life of a VA is a very busy one indeed! However, we have had a message of goodwill from such actors as Mike Pollock, so who knows what the future may hold for the Summer of Sonic convention.
  6. Rent a bar out so the adults can party too!
    We like the way you think! ;) But the Summer of Sonic is for fans of all ages to get together and chat – last year we even had the adult fans get taught a thing or two from some of the youngsters! Renting out a bar on top of what we have as well would really cost us an awful lot regardless. Having said that, once we wrap up there’s a good chance we’ll want to unwind – if you have nothing better to do in the evening, you’re more than welcome to join us.
  7. What time will the event start and finish?
    We haven’t finalised details yet, but we’re looking to kick proceedings off at around 10.30am. Pencil that time down, but be prepared for a slight delay if we’ve not got everything sorted yet. Sometime around 10.30am to 11am is a good time to think about. In terms of when the event ends, it looks likely that things will round off around 6pm.
  8. Will a Live Stream go online?
    Last year it was possible to do a very rudimentary, crude live stream due to the fact Dragon Hall had wireless connectivity. The Boiler House has no such facilities, however we are working on solutions and are trying to get the foundations laid down for a live stream. We don’t want anyone unable to attend to miss out!

Hope I’ll get a chance to answer any more questions you have very soon! Stay tuned — we’ll be revealing a lot more about the event now that it’s little over a month and a half away!

  1. FastFeet Says:

    Sounds excellent, bit of a shame about the wireless and the live stream, but otherwise it all sounds great ^^

  2. Marcus Says:

    Good to have all the information, that’s just what I need!
    I’ll be there for sure! :D

  3. Jackskellinghog Says:

    Just like last year, count on me to be there. This is what being a Sonic Fan is about!~

  4. Flyboy Fox Says:

    It just keeps sounding better and better ^^ Fantastic info, very pro!

  5. HelenBaby Says:

    I agree with ya about the room thing ; I’ve been to cons held in just one room and cons spread out among many and I definetly prefer the former.
    Also ; another disadvantage of renting a bar in Central London is that they’re all really expensive, and cheap places like Wetherspoons don’t tend to do con-bookings. Everyone banding together afterwards, then choosing where to go (like last year) is definetly the best ^.^ If I do remember rightly last year there was something of a pub crawl, which is always a good thing =D

  6. Umiyuri Says:

    Extra question: are the papercraft SatBK swords allowed, or do they betray Point 4a on the Terms and Conditions? (If you can answer that sort of thing…)

  7. ProjectZuel Says:

    Sounds very cool!! Prays that someone from Sonic the Comic will be there.

  8. Cool_Blue Says:

    This is going to be ultra cool, my first Sonic convention too :)

    I’m also hoping that people from StC will be there too!

  9. John Says:

    PLEASE REPLY OK I sent an email to Ryan Drummond asking if he would attend the summer of sonic never expecting a reply but I got one saying that if he is asked by one of the organisers he will attend. so if any one like that is reading this message please do so

  10. Shayna Says:

    Umm, I have a question, can we bring drinks in or no?

  11. Chelsea/Daisoku Says:

    @ John:
    I told JJ about it, who in turn told Dreadknux about it, who in turn sent an e-mail. :D

  12. JJ4eva Says:

    Wait what? No one told Dreadknux or email sent by Svend.

    As for Ryan Drummond, I did indeed check if John was so kind as to email Ryan, seems Ryan’s “full up” during August: IE: He would love to make it but already has things allotted to his August timescale and he is rather busy for the full duration.

    So, He will not be able to make it this year even if we did invite him, though he is a very nice guy.

    Quote from my email with him: “Sadly, I don’t think I’ll be making it to SOS this year. End of August is really booked for me with several projects. I have been to the site, however, and I’m hoping that the organizers may invite me next year.”

  13. Jade W-C Says:

    What day do we get our tickects?

  14. Shayna Says:

    Jade W-C, if we don’t get them by the 10th this month tell them and they’ll fix it :D

  15. Matt Says:

    Hey, i reccently recieved a message from Jason Griffiths via my Myspace account stating that he may be able to attend the Summer of Sonic convention this year. I keep in contact with him as he tends to help me in my crazy goal to become a Voice Actor one day with some advice, but anyway, i asked him if there was going to be “any chance of catching him at the Summer Of Sonic Convention in London this year?”

    He replied with this…

    “Hey there! Not sure. You should tell them to get in touch with my agent and set something up. I’d love to attend!”

    I’d love to see Jason there, and if you guys could somehow get in contact with one of his agents maybe we could have him attend the convention.

    I appreciate that this may be very difficult, time consuming and short notice and i know that you guys at TSS are really busy organising the event at this point, but in the words of the blue dude himself… “no adventure is fun if its too easy, right?” :)

    Thank you for reading this and i hope to see you and Jason at the convention at the end of the month. Looks awesome btw and i can’t wait! :D

    Keep up the good work guys. :D

  16. Svend Says:

    Thank you for your suggestions about voice actors, guys. Unfortunately, we will be unable to get Ryan, Jason or Mike over for this year’s event — although we have ballooned in scope since last year, we do still only have a VERY limited budget, and this must be weighed in sensibly on things like a big enough venue, stuff to go in said venue, guests etc.

    Inviting Ryan, Jason or Mike would have been awesome, but would have ultimately meant a subsidising of their travel. While it might not be so hard for an American to travel across states to attend large conventions, doing so for a UK event is prohibitively expensive. I appreciate you (and the VAs themselves) would love to attend, and we would love to have them, but these revelations simply came about too late in the day, and it would have been doubtful we could have afforded their travel or made it worth their while if we had the time.

    Having said that, we will be in touch with the voice actors to see if we can arrange something for future events. :) In the meantime, please enjoy what we have lined up for you this year — we still have several more surprises in store!

  17. Matt Says:

    Will there be any chance of having a Super Smash Bros Brawl competition ?

    Everything will be Sonic themed of course so the only level that players will be allowed to play on is Green Hill Zone :P

    I can bring a copy of the game and four GameCube controllers, will there be an available Wii console i can use to set up the competition?

    Heres hoping :)

  18. CNash Says:

    Any queue-jumping perks for SOE employees? ^_^

  19. Lou-Lou-Verity Says:

    Oh mai, awesome! I have tickets x3 I am so happy, and I love Sonic x3
    A question, what time is it? I can’t seem to find it on the website. owo

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