Advance Tickets For Summer of Sonic 2009

Friday, July 10th, 2009, 10:27 am


Well, you know the date (29th August). You know the place (Truman Brewery’s Boiler Room). You know the time (10.30am~). Now it’s time for you to register your interest and plan to get to the Summer of Sonic!

This year, although it is an optional process, we will be offering an ‘advance registration’ system for those that want to jump the inevitably long queue on the day. We will need to take your contact details – either in advance or by filling in a form when you arrive – for safety purposes and legal obligations. The advance registration allows you to send us those details ahead of time so you can just slide through the queues.

You can find out how to register for advance tickets at the “I’m There!” section of this website, which will be updated regularly to reflect any changes in entry we may have to make. If you have any questions you can either ask them in the comments box below, or in our specific topic on the Sonic Stadium Message Board.

  1. Syaming LI Says:

    Think I just wet myself in excitement! All registered!

    (Think it’s safe to say I’m looking forward to the event, wouldn’t you?!)

  2. SP the Shrew Says:

    Oh hell yeah, I’m excited for this too, last year was a blast, this one shall be EPIC!!

  3. GENE5I5 Says:

    Woooo i cant WAIT. Im so excited.
    All registered ;)

  4. Swirlything Says:

    All done, can’t wait :)

  5. hedgetigress85 Says:

    I’ve sent my details to get my Advance Ticket for the event.

    I’m so excited

  6. Emayai Says:

    Fantastic! Getting my tickets booked asap, will definitely be there!

  7. VixenKitty Says:

    Woo! Can’t wait! all registered! x

  8. Mike Taylor Says:

    Done and done!

  9. FastFeet Says:

    Schweet I’ve confirmed myself, then again I shouldn’t really have to as I’m helping out but alls good in the hood. See you all there, I’ll be the guy on stage dj-ing most likely ^^

  10. Gavvie Says:

    Registered myself and my girlfriend to come along. Can’t wait to get there, meet all you lot and have an absolute blast. Excited!

  11. Leon K Fox Says:

    Just e-mailed my registration for a ticket, I can’t wait =DDD

  12. Ben (aka Rio) Says:

    Sent my registration off. Just so the staff are aware, I forgot to state my agreement to the T&Cs in the first e-mail, I’ve sent a second one just saying that I do. Sorry about that. ^_^;

  13. Ali Says:

    Yay, sent my details <3

    I WILL be there this year!

  14. Flyboy Fox Says:

    The more tangeable this becomes, the more excited I get :D Bring it on!

  15. Feniiku Says:

    Awesomeeeee :3 Hehe

  16. darkblackwerewolf Says:

    i wish i could go but fackt is i can’t because i dont live were you al live why do i have to live in the netherlands i’m a big sonic fan poor me

  17. bcdcdude Says:

    All done :D

  18. Stiv Says:

    Done =).

  19. HelenBaby Says:


  20. Umiyuri Says:


  21. FTA Says:

    Done and done…….and I mean done.

  22. Sonicmark Says:

    Done. :D

  23. ProjectZuel Says:

    Just need to ask of my friend can still come then I’ll be …….um ‘Done’d.

  24. Andrew Chantler Says:


  25. 7Force Says:


  26. ObsessedShadowFan Says:

    Yay! I’m all registered, can’t bloody wait! XD

  27. Nova Says:

    Done, but no ticket reply as of yet. Still waiting. :)

  28. Sonicgirl(Zoe) Says:

    I haven’t got any suggestions but do you think that there will be a range of activites there Svend?

  29. Casanova Says:

    WHOA! I can’t believe I nearly missed this one!

  30. Halkel Says:

    I am so tempted to regester but i better find out from my sister first if she can come with me.

  31. shimsham Says:

    All done, great idea and can’t wait to put it in effect.

  32. darkblackwerewolf Says:

    i would if could go but no mony for the airplane and everything

  33. MK Skillz Says:


    I’ve made two registrations (one for myself, one for a friend on their behalf) so two advance bookings have been made from my e-mail address, just so you know – I don’t want you discarding one of them thinking it’s just an accidental double send. They are two different registrations for two different people.

    Thanks, I look forward to receiving the tickets in the near future!

  34. hedgetigress85 Says:

    I’ve already sent off my email for my advance ticket, but shall i send another one with my real name for safety measure, or will the information i’ve sent previously be alright ?

  35. Svend Says:

    @hedgetigress85: You should send another email with your real name in it. We need those details for legal and safety reasons, sorry.

  36. Mahzes (Mark Teo) Says:

    Right, registered last night. Can’t wait!

  37. Aggressiveth Says:

    I’d love to see this event go international. Australia seems so far away when there’s events like this going on.
    Hoping to attend in 2010. In the meantime I’d better win the lottery.

  38. Simon Says:

    Yeah, just sent an email with my details to register. This event is going to be way past cool.

  39. Jade W-C Says:

    All signed up! Yeah, I did in 11:06, was worried I miss a place. Hope I’ll won’t get lost like last time!

  40. hedgetigress85 Says:

    @svend: That’s alright, i sent another email with my real name on Tuesday 14th July, the email is entitled ‘Advance Summer of Sonic 2009 tickets-Final’

    Can you let me know that you’ve recieved it please?

  41. Doctor Sonic (Joe) Says:

    Just sent registeration email.

    Wasn’t able to go to last years, so really looking forward to this!

  42. The LaserPanda Says:

    Registered a few days ago, hopefully I can get to see SoS ’09. :o

  43. sly the hedgehog Says:

    im gonna see if i can fly in from australia to be there thats one of 2 good reasons to go there

  44. JJ4eva Says:

    I’m all registered yay. XD

  45. Jade W-C Says:

    I got a question that’s been bugging me for a while. Who do we know when we got the tickets? Also I’m worried if the survey I did has been sent to you yet. I’m pretty worried.

  46. hedgetigress85 Says:

    I’ve sent one final email with all my details, including my real name, just to be on the safe side.

    Can’t wait. =D, i wasn’t able to go last year, but i’m so excited.

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