New Challenger Approaching!

Monday, July 13th, 2009, 4:28 pm

NOTE: For those wondering when they will get their e-tickets from Advance Registration, you will receive them at the beginning of August.

Just a little teaser to truly kick off our little tidal wave of announcements – our first reveal will be made on this website later tonight. What exactly that is you’ll have to wait and see, but needless to say we have a LOT of things that will make SOS 2009 really awesome, so we figure we best start tonight. Those who like to read will be most excited.


In the meantime, and just to make this update rather interesting, take a look at a draft floorplan scribble I’ve been working on. Myself, Kevin/ArchAngelUK and main Security bloke for the event Joshua/Urtheart will be visiting the venue again tomorrow to make sure all these measurements add up. Bear in mind that this is a draft and subject to change – I’m showing you this as I figure it would be cool to give you a little peek as to what’s being done behind the scenes. ;)

Stick around for tonight’s announcement!

~ Svend.

  1. Mike Taylor Says:

    Cool floor plan. Not sure on all the symbols… but can guess what most of them are. Like the position of the stage. I can picture it all already.

  2. Umiyuri Says:

    WE HAVE ROOM! Now if only I know what half of those letters meant. Where’s the HAMA bead comic gonna be?

    Also, you can draw floorplans better than me. :o

  3. JORDAN Says:

    Hi I’m a bit worried that you have not recived my advanced registration e-mail is there any way to find out I’m panicking in case I don’t get in and don’t know who to e-mail sorry to be a nag but I have booked train tickets and hotel can anyone help me please

  4. Svend Says:

    If you sent the email to, then we would have received it. Don’t panic.

  5. Shayna Says:

    It looks great! I just sent off my advance registration email!

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