Guests: Nigel Kitching, Nigel Dobbyn (Sonic the Comic)

Monday, July 13th, 2009, 10:28 pm

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For many Sonic the Hedgehog fans in the UK, one of the best ways of relaxing with the blue blur outside of the computer games was by reading the fortnightly Egmont Fleetway production, Sonic the Comic. ‘STC’ inspired both children and teenagers with a gripping storyline inspired by the Mega Drive games, coupled with occasional leaps beyond the confines of the joypad to expand on the background of the characters.

We’re very honoured to announce that two of the influential masterminds behind STC will be joining us at the Summer of Sonic 2009 convention. Nigel Kitching was the writer of many issues that changed the pace of the comic throughout its 200-odd issue run, and is revered for creating a canon storyline that benefits and complements the computer game series. He now contributes to the main cartoons in kid’s magazine Toxic.

Nigel Dobbyn is an illustrator and worked on the Tails and Knuckles substories that accompanied the comic’s primary Sonic strip. His artistic style drew a lot of darker influences into the Sonic comic universe, but still reflected the light-hearted nature of Sonic’s friends as they would journey to alternate dimensions facing their own moral challenges. Nigel now works on other comics including Spiderman and Friends and 2000AD.

The STC duo will be at the Summer of Sonic enjoying the festivities and willing to chat to adoring fans on the day! We will have a Question and Answer panel with the two Nigels early in the afternoon too, which will seek to learn more about the processes of comic making, their time with Sonic the Comic and their past experiences. Feel free to bring along any old comics you have to get their signature – there will be a dedicated Signing booth for all of our guests to use during the day.

Learn more about Nigel Kitching here, and catch up with Nigel Dobbyn’s thoughts on his blog.

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  1. Gavvie Says:

    Seems Nigel Dobbyn beat you to it, he posted on his blog a week ago that he was attending XD

    Still, good to see that the STC artists are back. Was really hoping Nigel Kitching would be there, loved reading his stories as a kid.

  2. Svend Says:

    Yeah, he beat us to the punch! :D I’m always wary of announcing other people’s commitments in case something happens, but both Nigels are super-keen to be involved it seems! :)

  3. bcdcdude Says:

    Sweet! Especially as the Q&A was cancelled due to time restrictions last year! Mr. Kitching was great to talk to last year, and i’m looking forward to having a word with Mr. Dobbyn!

  4. Mike Taylor Says:

    It will be awesome to see Nigel Kitching again. He was great to talk to last year. He even drew me a Sonic! lol. May bring something to get signed this year!

    Good work Svend.

  5. Sonic Yoda Says:


    Nigel Kitching was such a nice bloke, would be great to chat with him again.

    But having Nigel Dobbyn there aswell is a stunning announcement. Please do me a Dr Zachary sketch, he owned. The STC boys did angst so much better than Sonic Team can.

  6. Kyle Says:

    Woah; that’s awesome! Loved the comics back in the day!

    Is this guest list final and confirmed or are there more in the works (just curious) :P

    I’m just really disappointed that I missed out on last years performances by TJ Davis & Richard Jacques.. :( lol

  7. Stiv Says:

    Great news =D.

  8. Svend Says:

    Don’t worry, there will be more guests… ;)

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